Call out for counsellors/therapists wanting a base in Huddersfield...

The people I’ve been co-sharing my counselling room with are both moving on to pastures new…but because I love the spot so much, this is a call-out for other counsellors or therapists that are looking for a great base in Huddersfield. I’m looking for people to join me from the start of August.

Here are five reasons why this might be a perfect option for you…

Number 1 - Gorgeous room and great facilities

As my current roomies move out, the look may change a bit…but the room will still be warm and inviting. There will be comfortable chairs to sink into, and a table with chairs where you can sit for meetings or coaching sessions.

We also share a cool and funky boardroom with other businesses in the building which can be booked out using an online diary system…perfect for training sessions, workshops and any other sort of gatherings. See photos at the bottom of this.

Number 2 - Easily accessible location

My counselling room is in Edgerton, so not far from Huddersfield town centre. It’s a HD1 postcode but right next door to HD3. Equally, it’s only a short drive from Junction 24 of the M62 at Ainley Top - which means it’s easy from people in surrounding areas to access. Since launching in December I’ve worked with clients that have come from the length and breadth of Huddersfield, plus Halifax, Elland, Brighouse, Dewsbury, Mirfield and Manchester.

It’s easy to find on a main road and there’s a car park behind the building, as well as on-street parking. I’ve never had any complaints about being able to find me, or park.

Number 3 - Proven location and marketing success

I launched my counselling business in December 2018 and there has been a steady flow of new clients since then. I’m now getting at least 15 new enquiries a month from people that are seeking help and I’ve got between 10 and 15 live clients at any time. These enquiries are coming in from various carefully selected channels.

If you’re just starting out as a therapist, I’m thinking that I can coach you in the early days to help you get started; mentoring where needed around marketing strategy and plans.

Number 4 - Chance to collaborate

I’m a counsellor and a coach but I also bring a history of working in businesses in management and leadership positions. I’ve got a big track record in marketing and business development…and still run a freelance marketing business right now. I’m overflowing with ideas…and have ambition and plans. If we connect well and there’s some joined up thinking and synergy, you never know where it could lead, and we could work together on some projects. This is a see how it goes and there are no promises, but I’m always open to collaborating.

Number 5 - Flexible options

Last, but not least, there is some flexibility as to how people partner with me in the room. Two options come to my mind…though I’m open to other ideas.

Option oneI could co-share with one person, and we both commit to 2 ½ days each a week in using the room…with a bit of flexibility of course.

Option twoI sub-let to two people that are just starting as therapists, with each person committing to a day a week each. I see this option as also having some “marketing mentoring” included.

Whichever the option, I’m looking at an initial 6-month contract and then a rolling contract with a 3-months’ notice period.

If you’re interested in coming to look at the room, message me or call me on 07730 529687. My counselling website address is