Coaching can have a positive impact on the way you feel and engage. It offers a chance to step back, reflect and take charge of your life. It gives you some breathing space and can help you work towards being the best version of who you want to be.

Together we look at where you are now and where you want to be, enabling you to make changes and improvements. Life is all about choices and it’s important that you’re making the right choices for you.

I listen and together we explore. I help you gain perspective and clarity on what’s going on, where you want to be and what’s underpinning the choices you’re making in life. I make sure you’ve thought things through and know how they fit with your values and what’s important to you. Once we’re clear on your goal, I support you in coming up with stepping stones, helping you stay focused and on track.

If you know there’s something you’d like to improve and change in your life, coaching could be for you.

I can help you to be the best version of you, to achieve the life you want and to be the person you want to be.


There are different ways coaching can help you.

  • Improve your relationships - personal and at work.

  • Find greater meaning and purpose in your life.

  • Improve your personal happiness and fulfilment.

  • Make big, sometimes life changing, decisions.

  • Reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.

  • Improve your work-life balance.

  • Tackle work frustrations, pressures and challenges.

  • Overcome career frustrations and improve your prospects.

  • Improve your confidence and motivation.

  • Communicate more effectively

Other information about coaching sessions.

Sessions can be face to face at my Huddersfield office, over Skype - or a combination of the two.

Working together requires an ongoing commitment.

Occasional groups sessions are delivered.

Prices discussed in an initial free 30 minute consultation.

A few pictures…of me and the rooms that are available for 1-1 coaching sessions, group activities and workshops.