Therapeutic Coaching: Supporting the wellbeing of small business owners

I’m now offering a new “Therapeutic Coaching” service for small business owners who are growing and doing great…but who want to stay on track and at the same time, manage their stress levels and maintain work-life balance.

 As a small business owner, it can be tough…

  • wearing lots of different hats

  • maintaining work-life balance

  • dealing with unexpected “stuff” life throws at you

  • overcoming pangs of self-doubts and “am I good enough” fears

  • keeping motivated and positive

  • maintaining a clear vision

  • holding yourself accountable and keeping your resolve

  • making big decisions that feel 100% right

I’m offer small business owners a chance to step back, reflect and off-load for a couple of hours every month…and my counselling and coaching rooms in Huddersfield are a perfect setting. I’m confident that anyone that walks into what I like to call my “wellbeing bubble” will leave it feeling understood, focused, lighter, motivated and energized.

I’m well qualified to offer this support. I’m a professional, qualified counsellor and coach, plus I’ve got umpteen years of experience in marketing and business development - both in the corporate world and as a small business owner. I understand the challenges of having dreams, young children, goals and never-ending to-do lists….as well as the mixed bag of “stuff” that life throws at you. I’m here to work with you to help you maintain your priorities based on your personal values and what’s important to you.

Although this is a coaching service and not a counselling relationship, there’s therapeutic value to the work we do together and I also apply the same boundaries I would in a counselling relationship. Everything discussed is in confidence and I’m here to try my utmost to understand what’s going on from your perspective. I will also be congruent and challenge you when it feels right.

The investment per month is £180 on the basis of a six month commitment to meet once a month in my wellbeing rooms., which includes follow-up not. Alternatively we can meet online via Skype.

After spending some time with me, I’m sure you’ll see that I’m someone that you can trust to support you in growing as a person and in business. If you’d like an initial chat about how we can together, book a free half hour consultation with me…and let’s see how we go.