What's the difference between counselling and coaching?

When people work with me as their counsellor, once we get going, there are times when I sometimes feel some coaching may be helpful…and I offer that as something they may want to build into our sessions. It works well being able to wear this different hat from time to time in the counselling room but I always acknowledge the shift and give people the option.  There are also those people that have got in touch with me as a counsellor because I’m also a coach…and there are also plenty of people that ask me what the difference is between a counsellor and a coach.

So, what is the difference between coaching and counsellor?

Firstly, to emphasise….neither as counsellor or coach am I going to wave a magic wand and give you all the answers. You know yourself better than anyone else and I believe that you have the answers within…so I support and enable you in working things out for yourself. This can feel empowering and liberating whether it’s via counselling or coaching.

Feeling down, hopeless or struggling with anxiety? Don’t know why you’re here and which way to turn? Struggling to come to terms with something that’s happened or upset you?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, then it’s important to see a medical professional, a counsellor or someone else suitably qualified. I’m a qualified, BACP registered counsellor and have spent many hours in training to achieve this. I work with people to support their mental health challenges.  

Counselling offers time and space for you to work through your feelings in a safe space. It offers a chance to talk through bottled up feelings and emotions that are affecting your mental health.

As a counsellor, I’m more focused on working in the here and now to explore your feelings in the present moment, helping you to unpack these and start to understand why you may be feeling this way. You’re more likely to be struggling day-to-day and we work together to help you better cope. I support you on a journey of exploration where you can start to understand “why” and how your life experience has shaped and impacted your identify and the way you’re feeling today? Allowing yourself this time to explore and improve your self-awareness can be healing and also enable you to make different choices.

Lost your sense of direction? Feeling unfulfilled and like something is missing in your life? Going round in circles and getting nowhere?

If you’re feeling stuck, lacking in direction, or unfulfilled… maybe coaching could be beneficial. Personally I’ve found it useful when my head is busy and full of thoughts and ideas. It’s helped me make sense of the chaos, gain clarity, get organised and make some commitments to myself about what I’m going to do and any changes I want to make.

As a coach, I’m more focused on working in the here and now to look towards your future - helping you to understand what you want from life. What’s important to you? What do you love and want to be doing more…or less of? What goals do you want to set for yourself? How are you going to get there? How can we break that down? What’s going to hold you back…and why might that be? As a coach I’d work with you to help you gain some clarity, set some goals and break the “big” down into stepping stones. I always say that coaching helps you be the best version of who you want to be.

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